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Factors in Construction Deficit Cases

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Well construction defect cases, obviously, that can only say you’re going to have some kind of construction whether it’s a remodel or a new build. And so usually, it’s the owner versus a contractor or a contractor versus the subcontractor. And another attempt to cut corners. Hiring the cheapest builder is not always the best. I think you’re better off going by reputation and actually walking through examples of what the builder has done. I think word of mouth and actual inspection of previous product produced by a particular contractor or subcontractor is your best way of judging rather than just look at how much do they cost ’cause there again, just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they’re good.

Reviewing do they have a lot of complaints. You know, doing business with somebody who is constantly sued is not very smart because if they’ve been sued in the past the likelihood they’re going to change their colors and not be susceptible to suing in the future is pretty low. And so do the research on the person before they commence the work.

And then the other is supervision, supervision, supervision. Is don’t’ not inspect. If it was me and I was building a house, I would want somebody there on my side. Now you don’t have a buyer’s agent so to speak, that’s overseeing or a construction manager and you’re just doing the management yourself you need to watch those contractors and how they’re progressing. You don’t want to be surprised with them building stairs where you thought it was going to be in a different location because once stuff is done it’s more expensive to undo it. So supervision and clear communication about expectations. If you set those expectations and clearly communicate them then disputes are less likely to happen.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney, James Johnson, discusses the certain factors he’s seen in construction defect cases.

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