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People can say that they’ve had experience and it’s pretty hard to research what cases an attorney has handled you’re basically going on their word of mouth. But there’s a little bit of community testing going around to other people who may have had similar disputes in the past, have you heard of this person? How long has that attorney been in the community? Do they appear to be responsive in those initial phone calls? Do they return their calls? If you have an attorney that’s not returning calls that’s a signal that if he’s not returning your calls before you retain him, he may not return those calls after you hire him and it’s too late.

Is the attorney going to be objective? You want an attorney who’s going to be telling you like it is. You don’t want a cheerleader for a lawyer. If all they’re saying is oh, this is terrible and if they over promise, if they say they’re going to get everything you want and then some I would be very skeptical of that. You want somebody who’s going to be clear on the expectations and somebody who is weighing the potential for the outcomes and not just totally a one sided subjective cheerleader.

And then, ethics. Do they appear to be honest, forthright? Ethics are, again, sometimes you don’t find out until you’re into quite a ways, but again, asking other lawyers who may be, maybe there are other litigators who aren’t bad house attorneys but they’re family law attorneys and they’re in that same community. Do you know Jamie Johnson? Is he somebody I can trust? And if other lawyers are saying yes, he’s somebody that you can trust; he’s a straight shooter that’s the type of attorney that you want.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney, James Johnson, talks about the factors that help someone choose the “right lawyer” to handle a construction or real estate dispute.

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