About the Personal Injury Firms Attorney in Mesa, Arizona

What Makes Your Firm Different?

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Matt Riggs explains why his practice is unique.

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One of the words that I would say that makes us different is accessibility. We are completely accessible to our clients. The other has to do with honesty and integrity and that goes to the way this firm was founded. It was founded on the principle that I didn’t even want to be an attorney after my second year of law school until meeting with a friend and he suggested that if I started my own practice I could be as honest and ethical as I want to be. And quickly our firm became an AV rated law firm and that means that we are rated by our peers as being the very best in the way we handle cases. The A is for competency and the V is for very professional and very ethical. And so, we are both the top in competency and the top in ethics and that’s what differentiates us from other firms.

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