Utility Terrain Vehicle Injuries Attorney in Mesa, Arizona

Case Results: UTV

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Matt Riggs talks about a case involving a woman who was severely injured in a UTV.

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We are UTV Law and so if our clients ever see billboards or advertisements for UTV Law that’s us. We handle all cases dealing with UTVs those are utility terrain vehicles, they are off road side by side vehicles that are often ridden recklessly. I’ll tell you about one of the UTV cases that we’ve handled. A young woman was a hairdresser and she was riding in a UTV with her dad. The UTV rolled because of him riding a little more aggressively than he should and it crushed her hand. She lost the use of her right hand, which was her dominant hand, and it made so that she could no longer practice in her chosen profession. With that in mind we brought a claim against her father’s insurance, which he wanted us to do because he wanted her to be compensated for his negligence.

Oftentimes in UTV cases you’re riding with a friend or a relative and you think I don’t wan tot bring a lawsuit against my friend or my relative but really what we’re doing is bringing a claim against their insurance. And we make sure that the insurance pays what they should pay and what they’ve contracted to pay. In this particular instance we were able to get our client a lot of money to help her get into a new occupation that she would otherwise not be able to do so monetarily.

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