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Private Placement Adoption

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This is a form of adoption where a parent or parents identify a child that they would like to adopt, either through a social service agency in the United State or overseas, and go through the process of the background checks and the evaluation to ensure that they will be good parents, and then also evaluating the suitability of adopting the child. So, for instance, in Hennepin County there is a waiting list of children that are dying to have homes and that’s an opportunity that Children’s Home Society and other service agencies also have connections in the United States, but certainly you can also look across the seas to adopt children from other countries. If you adopt overseas, most of that work is typically done in the foreign country and then is domesticated here with an approval by a court in Minnesota in issuance of the paperwork to basically be the final blessing on that adoption. The direct placement adoptions here would involve the evaluative process, processing the paperwork, getting a recommendation from social service agencies about the suitability of the home, and ensuring that the rights of the birth parents were adequately protected and they’ve given up those rights freely and willingly and not after having been given any kind of compensation that could lead one to believe that they were selling their children. That’s illegal in this country and all countries around the world at this point, but that had been a historical concern is that we don’t allow baby selling in the United States. So, they want to make sure that the children are going to a good home and that the parents know what they’re doing when they’re giving them up for adoption so that that child will have the best opportunity to be successful in their life.

Minnesota family law attorney, Marc Johannsen, shares how the parents choose the child and go through paperwork in a private placement adoption.

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