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Marc H. Jaffe: Well, there’s a number of things that make us different. First of all, we listen to what the client has to say and try to give the client what the client wants rather than trying to force the client to accept what it is we want to do for them. Second, our firm brings with it a wealth of experience for the client. In terms of estate planning, the three lawyers in the firm who do that kind of work have over 100 years of experience. Of the five lawyers in our firm, some of whom overlap, who do real estate work, they have over 125 years of experience. So we bring a lot of experience to the table.

And combining that experience with the areas of estate planning and real estate, we’re able to give the clients good advice in both of those areas. Many lawyers who do estate planning really don’t know a whole lot about real estate, and many real estate lawyers don’t know a lot about estates, and we’re able to bring both of those areas to our advice that we give the clients.

And finally, just in terms of doing the work, we have experienced attorneys who are doing the work for the clients. We don’t have a legal secretary who’s taking your information on a long form, because the attorney doesn’t have time to talk to you. We don’t have a paralegal who’s filling in the blanks on a form to prepare your documents. You’re getting one of the experienced attorneys who’s getting the information from you, asking the appropriate questions, giving you alternatives and then preparing those documents for you.

Matthew D. Gilbert: Well when hiring a law firm, I think first, you really want to look for experience. You want attorneys and a law firm that’s handled your type of matter in the past. You also want a law firm that’s truly going to listen to your concerns. You want a firm that can also help break through some of the complexity and is going to make the process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

David R. Adams: I think the clients can expect the highest level of service at our law firm, and in fact, we take a ton of pride in providing the highest level of personal service. So we make it a point to get back to people promptly. If we give them a deadline, we’ll hold to the deadline. And I think significantly, we make it a point to give them our personal cell phone numbers. So every client of mine has my personal cell phone number. And I tell them right at the beginning, “You can call me at night. You can call me on the weekends. And if I don’t answer, leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I pick it up.”

Philadelphia, PA estates & probate lawyers Marc H. Jaffe, Matthew D. Gilbert & David R. Adams talk about what makes their firm different, what one should look for in hiring a law firm and the level of service clients can expect.

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