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Roseville, CA estate planning & probate attorneys Kristin M. Kaminski, Rick Lebherz, and R. Keena Davis talk about their firm’s mission, level of service, and what you should look for in hiring a lawyer. The firm is dedicated to delivering top-notch estate planning services, encompassing trust administration and probate. Clients are regarded as family members, with a commitment to exceeding expectations and providing exceptional service. The operations and procedures manual outlines the pledge to delight clients consistently by delivering professionally prepared, high-quality estate planning legacy services.

Emphasizing the distinction between meeting the basic requirements of creating legal documents and going the extra mile to delight clients, the manual acts as a tool to ensure that every member of the law firm comprehends and integrates this commitment into their daily operations, aiming to surpass client expectations.

In the quest for an estate planning attorney, it is advisable to conduct research and review feedback about the firm. Gathering information about the attorney’s background and dedication to estate planning is crucial. It is stressed that meeting with an attorney exclusively dedicated to estate planning is essential, as opposed to a general practitioner handling diverse areas of law. Additionally, opting for an attorney certified as a specialist in California guarantees that the attorney has demonstrated competence in estate planning, probate, and trust administration through additional testing and adherence to state bar requirements.

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