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How does the probate process work in California?

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Probate is a court supervised process that in the state of California takes an average of 16 whole months to get through. It is a way to transfer a decedents assets to the beneficiaries or heirs. If they had no will, it goes to their heirs according to the state of California. If the decedent left a last will it goes to the beneficiaries named under the will.

Roseville, CA estate planning & probate attorney Kristin M. Kaminski explains how the probate process works in California. Probate, in the state of California, is a court-supervised process that typically spans an average of 16 months. It functions as a mechanism for transferring a decedent’s assets to their beneficiaries or heirs. In cases where no will is present, the assets are distributed to heirs according to California state law. However, if the decedent left a last will, the assets are directed to the beneficiaries named in the will.

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