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The most rewarding aspect is giving families a peace of mind that they know that when the become incapacitated and unable to handle their affairs that someone is going to be able to handle that for them. And that it’s all documented appropriately, it’s all put in place. It’s really that comfort feeling for the client that I love being able to provide for them.

Another really rewarding thing about my practice is to be able to after someone passes away to distribute the assets out. To give a $2 million check to St. Jude is so incredibly rewarding. To be able to make that transfer happen is something that I feel privileged to be a part of.

I’m a certified specialist in estate planning, trust administration and probate and that’s by the State Bar of California. And what that means is that I dedicate a very high percentage of my practice to those specific areas. It also means I took an extra exam to say that yes, I am certified as a specialist in this area. There are only a handful of attorneys that are specialized in this area. And I also am a rising star with super lawyers and only 2.5 percent of attorneys are rising stars in California.

Roseville, CA estate planning & probate attorney Kristin M. Kaminski talks about the most rewarding aspect of her practice, her credentials, and her service to the community.

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