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Roseville, CA estate planning & probate attorney Kristin M. Kaminski talks about the most rewarding aspect of her background & experience and what it takes to be successful in estate planning. The individual ultimately chose estate planning due to a passion for assisting people positively. Initially considering family law, a pro bono family law case, particularly involving a child at risk of losing custody, led to a reevaluation. The emotional impact prompted an exploration of estate planning, which proved to be an ideal fit.

For an attorney to thrive in estate planning, various considerations come into play. It is crucial to develop a profound familiarity with the technical aspects, including the probate code. Advisably, one should study for a certified specialist exam in estate planning, probate, and Trust Administration law while keeping up with evolving laws. Continuous education, exemplified by memberships in professional organizations like the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, requiring 36 hours of annual legal education credits dedicated to estate planning, enhances expertise.

Success in estate planning necessitates an innate ability to navigate the complexities of human interaction and the life issues clients face. Demonstrating empathy is paramount. Attorneys should perceive themselves as legal counselors and advisers. Active listening is as vital as providing solutions, as clients often navigate challenging circumstances, relying on the attorney for guidance. Effective counseling requires both talking and listening to ensure the devised plan aligns with the client’s genuine needs.

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