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Orrick’s Appellate Advocacy Practice Group

New York appellate attorney Joshua Rosenkranz discusses his firm Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe’s Appellate Practice Group.

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So the Supreme Court and appellate practice has grown by leaps and bounds since I got here. I started at Orrick in 2008, and I was the only one who was a pure appellate lawyer. We’re now 22 lawyers, 5 partners. We transcend all areas of law. I like to try to persuade clients that in appellate advocacy, ignorance is strength, and sometimes they’re actually persuaded. But, by that, I mean I can remember the time, which was often three weeks ago, when I did not understand what this body of law was or what the facts were, and I keep that in mind as I talk to appellate judges. So I jump around from securities to intellectual property to constitutional law to antitrust, just plying that appellate trade in each of those area. We’ve got clients all across the country and actually all across the world, in every conceivable industry. And it’s really great fun.

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