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Seattle, WA commercial litigation attorney Anthony L. Rafel talks about what makes his firm different and the type of cases they handle.

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I think what makes our firm different is that we bring the experience of a big firm practice to the small firm. So the client has a small firm experience with us but what they are getting is the decades of experience that we have handling large stakes, complex cases, and bringing the judgement to bear on those cases that experience really has given us.

The kind of cases that we handle are often in the real estate field but sometimes outside it as well. We do construction defect litigation involving downtown high-rise buildings with complex technical issues and oftentimes very important insurance coverage issues. We pride ourselves on the work in that area. We also handle other real estate litigation including cases against municipalities when necessary. We do general business litigation and we also do work for condominium and homeowner associations quite a lot of that work both as litigation counsel and as general counsel, kind of inhouse counsel to those associations.

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