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Case Results: Wrongful Death

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney John Taylor talks about a case he was a part of involving the loss of a child.

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Wrongful death cases are the ultimate case. Somebody has been killed in the family and trying to replace just the relationship, the care and comfort, and translate that into compensation is, I think, a skill that we’ve got that lots of other firms don’t have. We represented the mother of a ten-year-old boy, who would catch the school bus out in front of his house, and the bus would go down the roadway, turn around and come back the same roadway, but this was a highway out in San Bernardino, and when the kids would miss the bus on their side of the road they would cross the highway to get it and pick up the bus going the opposite way. The bus company knew that and would stop even though that wasn’t a proper spot, and so we had to take the case to trial and prove that the school district was aware that this was a practice that the kids and the families were using and that the bus company, the private company that contracted with them knew it as well. The kid was struck by a motorist as he was crossing the roadway and so there was tremendous sympathy for the woman who hit and killed him. That was difficult. Getting the jury to understand that poses problems. I think that we’re uniquely skilled to be able to present not just factually how the accident occurs, but what the loss means to – to the mother and demonstrating that through the relationship that the mother had and was witnessed by teachers at the school and other people at the school, other parents at the school.

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