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Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney John Taylor talks about an older man who was discriminated against in his career.

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People want to be treated fairly where they work and often times what we see is that
people are discriminated against because of their age and it will be something that’s
relatively subtle to something that’s not subtle at all. All of the sudden you start to have a lay off or criticism of employees that are older, who’ve had lengthy careers without any complaints. We’re in the midst of concluding a case on behalf of a trash collector at one of the Beach Cities here, who had a lengthy career as a trash truck operator and solo employee when he was out working. He was known by everybody in the neighborhood. They made a decision over the last year to start writing him up on little, tiny things, such as spilling paint that somebody had put into the trash truck unknown to him, all sort of things that – this was a person who had worked for over 32 years and had never had a single complaint against him and then they terminated him. Well, when you looked at the population of employees and drivers, he was an older person and there was no – there was the pretext for terminating him was the – was these minor mistakes or problems that had arisen while he was on the – while he was working. The trial court dismissed the case. We appealed the case and the Ninth Circuit wrote in a published opinion about the discrimination, the age discrimination that we had proved and the trial judge accepted that as a matter of law that the company had discriminated against him because of his age and we’re getting ready to try that case for the damages that this long-term employee has suffered since being terminated.

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