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Federal Regulations and 18-Wheeler Cases

Texas Personal Injury Attorney, Frank Lyle, talks about federal regulations with 18-wheeler cases.

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The federal regulations provide a good benefit to cases against the trucking industry because they help authorize the regulation of 80,000-pound trucks and trailers going down our highways. They offer support and regulation for not only the drivers who have to keep daily logs but they help keep equipment safe by requiring pre-trip and post trip vehicle inspections. There are certain load requirements that are required to be complied with all of which benefit and hopefully make safer the trucking industry.

Now what comes along with that is a couple of negatives in the regulations for example, under the federal statutes the drivers daily logs and the pre-trip vehicle inspection report can actually be legally destroyed within just a few months following the accident. So it becomes impetrative to try to preserve evidence if you are taking on a trucking company by either sending out an early letter to preserve the evidence that can be legally destroyed or sometimes you need to file a lawsuit early to make sure that that evidence isn’t destroyed.

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