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Regulatory Component of Transportation Law

Minneapolis, MN Transportation Law Attorney, Jason Engkjer, discusses the regulatory component of transportation law and how it affects his clients.

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So although the industry is known as a deregulated industry, the reality is that transportation and the transportation industry is a highly-regulated industry, and I think rightfully so. Whether you’re a trucking company or rail or you’re transporting something by air, safety, of course, is an exceedingly important component to this. And so it is a – and, again, it is a highly-regulated industry that has a fair amount of oversight both by the Department of Transportation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as well as a number of other federal and state agencies as well. You have to understand from the lawyer’s standpoint how to deal with and how to navigate those different agencies. Understanding what their purposes are, understanding what they’re looking for when they’re involved in a particular situation with a client, and understanding how to advise the client when they’re in a particular situation with a regulatory agency, whether it’s through a transportation audit, for example, or in a catastrophic wreck, for example, or simply dealing with authority issues and permitting issues for that matter.

So you have to understand the regulatory component and you have to understand it well because that inevitably is going to affect. And it’s probably one of the most important things for our transportation companies to understand and recognize.

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