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Gal Discusses Bank Robbery Cases

Chicago, IL criminal defense attorney Gal Pissetzky shares his experience involving bank robbery cases.

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Bank robberies are very difficult crimes to begin with. Because usually when you have a bank robbery, banks, as you know, are federally insured. And for that reason they have plenty of cameras inside and outside of the bank. Bank robbers sometimes believe that if they wear masks, they can get away with it.

Recently there has been a spree of cell phone robberies or cell phone store robberies, because cell phones are very valuable now. And you will hear a lot more cell phone store robberies than bank robberies recently. And that’s a trend. However, cell phone stores, because they get robbed a lot, also have cameras. They have cameras in the back, they have cameras in the front. And so it is very difficult to challenge a case where the federal prosecutor has the cameras and the view of your client. In addition, in bank robberies a lot of times they know what markings are on their money and they know how to recover that money.

And the penalties are tremendous, especially if you carry a gun or any type of a weapon. A person is facing very, very long period of incarceration when they commit bank robberies. And again, because every set of facts is different, we try to challenge the government assertion that your client was involved or the client – let’s say the client was outside the bank and not inside the bank, and they accused the client of being part of a conspiracy along with the people that went in the bank. They have to show, and we will challenge the fact that they were actually working in concert together or had a conspiracy going. There are many other ways to challenge a prosecutor. And every case depends on its own set of facts.

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