Slip & Fall Premises Liability Attorney in Mesa, Arizona

Case Results: Premises Liability

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Gary A. Porter talks about a specific case involving a man who was very injured by patio equipment from a restaurant.

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There was a case just a few years ago that happened is a premises liability case and also kind of a construction defect type of a case. I had a client that had just finished eating at a restaurant and was out in the front parking lot sitting on his motorcycle and a wind storm came up and it blew the entire patio covering on the back of that restaurant off. And it came right over the top of the restaurant into the front parking lot and just about sliced him in half.

That was a case that we had to find some expert witnesses that were just outstanding to evaluate the structure how it was built and it was not in compliance with building codes. And we were able to recover very well for that client. He had surgeries, he lost some of his voice capability. And he did recover but that was a case that is quite memorable. We were able to help him recover and get the right medical treatment, and also, a settlement that blessed his life.

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