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Sexual Abuse in Religious Organizations

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Louanne Masry talks about working with people who have gone through sexual abuse in certain religious organizations.

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Well, our firm has represented many victims of sexual abuse over the years, and unfortunately recently there have been more and more cases coming to us involving sexual abuse in religious organizations. And we get victims of all ages. We’ve had victims as young as six or seven years old up to people who are in their 70’s, even ’80s. Recently we represented a young man who had been sexually abused when he was a young boy at church, and it was by a clergy member, and he finally felt powerful enough to come forward and report it.

And we filed a lawsuit for him, but we also assisted him through the criminal prosecution of the clergy member, and he was criminally prosecuted. And through the lawsuit, this young man, I believe, became empowered to tell his story through the case, and through his life, which helped him. And we were able to negotiate a settlement for him, which will help him get future care that he needs.

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