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Defending Sex Crimes

Chicago, IL criminal defense attorney Gal Pissetzky talks about how he approaches defending someone accused of a sex crime.

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Sex crimes are very easy to allege. Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there that take advantage of how easy it is to charge somebody with a sex crime. You go and you meet somebody at the bar. You go home with them, you have sex. And then the next day one of the people has buyer’s remorse because they remember uh-oh, I have a boyfriend who is out of town. I have a girlfriend that was not home. And the next thing they do is they go and they accuse you of a sex crime and they go to the police. And more likely than not, the police will always take the side of the complaining witness.

My advice is never to give a statement. Do not ever tell the police anything, whether it’s a sex crime or any other crime. That will be my advice. But it’s extremely important for you to call a lawyer right away rather than try yourself to go and get yourself out of the mess. Because I would say more than 95 percent of the time you are going to be charged. My approach to defending cases like that is I will uncover every piece of information that I can on the victim. We will go and reconstruct every movement and every moment from the time that they met to the time that the accusations were done. And then we will go even further and see and uncover the moments and the movements of the victim after the accusations.

I have great success in winning these cases.

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