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Advice to Clients with Serious Criminal Charges

Chicago, IL criminal defense attorney Gal Pissetzky shares strong advice for anyone facing serious criminal charges.

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Every case is different. Even if it’s the same type of charge, the facts are different. Clients come to me and tell me, well, what is the percentage or how do you see my case, or have you won cases similar to mine. My answer to them is every case is unique. Every case has a different set of facts. So no case is the same. And my advice to a client that comes and talks to me is I will tell them what they are facing. I don’t sugarcoat anything. I don’t tell them what they are trying or want to hear; I tell them what reality is. I compare it to other lawyers, and I actually tell them that I will be happy if they go and get a second opinion or a third opinion after they see me. Because I don’t try to sell them myself; I try to tell them what they are facing and how we can fight their case. I have a lot of clients that go and hire a lawyer that may be cheaper or sounded better and then eventually come back to me because they realized that what I told them from the very beginning, from our very first meeting, is actually coming true. Whereas what the other lawyers have said are just ploys to try to get them to pay them money.

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