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Advice to Veterinarians?

Minneapolis Estate Planning Attorney Ned Ostenso, talks about the advice he gives to veterinarians.

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The advice that I give to veterinarians on how to avoid coming before the board is pretty simple, and it’s make sure you have good records. A lot of complaints that customers have are regarding the treatment of their pet, and the veterinarian may not remember how they treated it, unless they refer to their records. Well if they didn’t write down pretty explicitly what treatment was provided, the board is not going to believe necessarily the veterinarian unless he has a written documented proof of what kind of treatment was performed on the pet.

So I think and also the rules that the veterinary operates under requires them to make adequate records of the treatment, and I would even advise the veterinarian, it may be time consuming, but if you spend a little extra time writing down more detail on the type of treatment that you provided to the animal, the better off you’re going to be if a customer was ever to make a complaint.

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