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What advice do you have for people injured by a dangerous or defective product?

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Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Michael Warshauer shares his advice for people injured by a dangerous or defective product. When individuals face injuries from dangerous or defective products, the recommended approach is to cultivate the mindset that the fault lies not with them but with the product. Recognizing that humans make mistakes and that machines should safeguard against such errors is crucial. Essential safety features, like seat belts and airbags, are designed with this principle in mind. The evaluation of the product involves considering whether, if manufactured correctly with safety features, the injury could have been prevented for oneself or loved ones.

The second pivotal step involves ensuring the retention of the product. Possessing the product, if feasible, becomes instrumental in establishing its role in causing the injury. Furthermore, it is advised not to settle solely for workers’ compensation in workplace injury cases. If a third party, such as a manufacturer, produced a machine lacking adequate safety features, resulting in the injury, it transforms into a potential product liability case worth exploration.

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