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Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Michael Warshauer talks about his mentor in the practice of law as well as his honors, awards and certifications. He doesn’t believe any lawyer can surpass the quality of their training. Lawyers acquire their training through formal education in law school or participation in a law review. In his case, he received training from the three senior partners at the first three law firms where he worked before founding his current law firm. Jack R, the first partner, emphasized the importance of acting like a good lawyer and earning respect in the community. David Kitchens, the second partner, instilled the principle of continuous improvement, urging that each project should be done better than the last. Frank Burge, the last and most influential mentor, a prominent figure in the trial bar, emphasized the fearlessness of going to trial and never backing down, even for a dispute over $1,000, if it means standing up for what’s right. These mentors profoundly shaped his approach to practicing law and the leadership he brings to the law firm – a commitment to walking the walk, striving to be the best lawyer, continuous improvement, and the courage to go to trial.

The firm, including him, has received numerous honors and recognitions. They hold the distinction of being the only firm in Georgia with two presidents of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, an esteemed honor elected by peers in the trial bar. Additionally, they have another lawyer poised to hold this role soon. He is personally board certified as a Civil Trial Advocate, a recognition held by a select few in Georgia, signifying tested experience and the capability to provide the highest level of legal representation. While accolades like the Super Lawyer designation are noteworthy, the true recognition comes from consistently achieving the highest verdicts in various counties. They often take on challenges in locations where obtaining a verdict seems unlikely, yet they repeatedly secure the highest verdict. This acknowledgment is the most meaningful, coming directly from jurors seeking to deliver justice to their clients.

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