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What should I look for in hiring an estate & probate lawyer?

Phoenix, AZ estate planning attorney Mark A. Bregman talks about what he thinks people should specifically look for when hiring a probate and estate planning attorney.

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The thing that I almost always tell clients whether they’re hiring a lawyer or someone else is don’t hire somebody because they were recommended make your own judgement. So have a personal meeting and judge whether or not this is somebody that you want to work with and that’s probably more important even than those other things that you would commonly see if you looked at a list on Google or something, which are, of course, knowledge, experience, cases that you’ve handled, and things like that.

But that should all come out in a conversation so that you’re judging not only those factors but that you’re also judging whether you like the way that the lawyer speaks to you and communicates with you in a manner that you can understand. Because it doesn’t work very well if you just take what the lawyer says and say well, that’s the lawyer, I got to get it done today and so, I’m here, let’s do it. It’s better if the lawyer and the client have the rapport because then if you have questions or if the lawyer has questions, you’ll be able to work through any obstacles along the way much better if you like each other.

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