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What one piece of advice do you repeatedly give to your clients?

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Well, don’t leave your common sense on the doorstep. When you come in, have your antennae out, you know do you like this guy, is he talking your language? And I say if you don’t like me, don’t hire me because no matter how many people or how great the recommendation you got from your best friend or whoever it’s not going to work if you and I don’t work out together. I often say to my clients by the time I finish saying this we’re five minutes into the interview and you already know.

And they say well, what do we do next? I say well, the first thing is do you like me, do you want to work with me? Because no matter how good I am if you have reservations about that, we’re not a good fit. And what we’re selling really is comfort because there’s a lot of lawyers that can do estate plans, some good, some not so good, but really, you want a lawyer that’s going to make you feel comfortable and to make your spouse and your children comfortable when the time comes. So it’s a first impression, you only get one chance at a first impression.

Phoenix, AZ estate planning attorney Mark A. Bregman talks about what clients should know when working with him or any estate planning attorney.

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