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An interesting phenomenon that we’re seeing is that, overwhelmingly so, about 80 percent of all civil litigation in the United States does not involve personal injury. It’s commercial disputes, it’s company suing each other, it’s landlord and tenants, it’s a whole bunch – a wealth of other issues.

And what we are seeing is that in the commercial arena, for many reasons that are unique to commercial type cases, they often don’t go to trial. And more and more litigants, sophisticated litigants who get involved in those cases are starting to realize that they made to work with lawyers who do go to trial often, like trial lawyers like our firm. And they affiliate with us, or seeing a greater desire to include us as part of the team in those cases because there’s a recognition that a lot of the other mechanisms of resolving those cases aren’t satisfactory. People who truly believe in their cases and believe that accountability can be had in front of a jury will often come to firms like ours and ask us to participate.

And we’re seeing a growing interest in that. Frankly, faster than we ever anticipated.

Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer Eric H. Weitz talks about how people with non-personal injury cases still come to their firm because of their reputation in the courtroom.

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