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Covering Medical Expenses while Case is Pending

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Covering your medical expenses while a case is pending varies from situation to situation. It’s gotten easier now with Obamacare ’cause more people are covered, and the coverage pays for medical care, according to the terms of the coverage, not depending upon who’s at fault. So oftentimes, your medical bills are paid just according to whatever your insurance coverage is. If your insurance coverage doesn’t kick in, then Medicaid or Medicare or some other third-party payer might kick in.

Everybody has to be aware that no matter who pays it – Medicaid, Medicare, the hospital just eats it for a while or your insurer – that entity, that payor entity will have what’s known as a subrogation claim. If you make a successful claim for damages for negligence, whether it’s negligent medical treatment or negligent automobile operation, the insurance payor oftentimes has their hand out there, and that’s one of the things that a lawyer represents the person in regard to, which is dealing with a subrogation claim of the insurer that’s paid the medical bills, and oftentimes, that negotiation can be as dicey and as high-stakes as the negotiation with the tort fees, whether it’s a negligent hospital or a negligent driver. And so medical bills are a very complex aspect of any medical claim, and there’s no simple way to respond to – you know, what I’ve said.

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Tilton explains how to pay for medical expense while a medical malpractice claim is in progress.

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