Request for Evidence RFE Attorney in San Francisco, California

What is a request for evidence (RFE) and how do you help clients with these?

San Francisco, CA immigration attorney Katy Lopez explains how a request for evidence (RFE) works and how she help her clients with them.

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So RFE or a Request for Evidence really falls in between an approval and a denial. So the government is saying we’re not denying you outright, but you’re going to need to give us more to convince us that the person deserves the immigration or qualifies for the immigration benefit. Unfortunately the RFE rate has really shot up under the current administration, but we do have a lot of expertise with how to respond to them, you know.

So we provide more to the government. So most often it’s an H1B RFE on Specialty Occupation showing that the position really requires a bachelor’s degree in a certain field. And we like to hit that from every angle. There is four ways to prove that and you only have to prove one out of four, but we go for all four and we gather, you know, more information about the position, Manager letter, professor letter, recruiter letter, org charts, and just really strategize on what more we can provide to the government to get that petition approved.

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