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What piece of advice do you repeatedly give to your family law clients?

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You know, the biggest piece of advice that I give to someone that is either contemplating divorce or is going through it is do not press send. Okay. People get way too lax about sending text messages. You need to think, not just text messages, but social media. People put stuff on Facebook, and Instagram, and Pinterest, and Twitter that they would never say face to face to someone. And it is idiotic. Social media is involved in almost every single family law case that I have.

So someone that posts something, look at me and my boys playing beer pong out here, you know, at some deal. You don’t want that entering into a case. And if your husband or wife is getting on every last living nerve, don’t send off a text message saying something mean and nasty, because you can be guaranteed that someone like me is going to have a field day with that in court. So for, you know, if there is one thing I can say, it is do not press send. You know, type it out and delete, but for all, you know, please, please, please do not press send.

Dallas high-net-worth divorce attorney, Mark Scroggins, shares the advice he gives to his clients most frequently.

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