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What is a contested divorce in Texas?

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Well contested divorces can be any time that the parties don’t have an agreement on all the different issues in a divorce. Now a divorce generally consists of two different pieces. You’ve got the division of the marital state, which is, you know, all the assets and debts that has been acquired by the parties during the pendency of the marriage. And then you have the kid issues or child custody stuff, and so that deals with conservatorship, which is basically the child rearing decisions made by the parties. You’ve got the possession and access with the child that both parties will have, and then you have child support. So those are the different issues that you’re typically going to see in a marriage dissolution. The issue is what do the parties agree to and what don’t they?

Dallas high-net-worth divorce attorney, Mark Scroggins, discusses contested divorces in the state of Texas.

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