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What does it mean to be Board Certified in Family Law?

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You know, the significance of Board Certification for a client coming in is that you know that that Board Certified lawyer has an extra level of experience in the area of family law. To be able to achieve that you’re going to have to have practiced for a certain number of years. You’re going to have had to have a certain number of family law trials, a certain number of family law mediations, certain number of hearings. Basically, you know, you don’t find too many people that are Board Certified in family law that that is not almost exclusively what they do.

So you know that that attorney has a heightened level of experience to be able to help you through what is the most – one of the most difficult times of your life. I mean one of the things that I would always recommend to someone is you ought to go out and check out a Board Certified family lawyer, because you know that not only do they have that experience, but then they’ve had to take an additional test that goes beyond anything that was asked on the bar to show their proficiency in this particular practice area. So you know that they know that they know what they’re doing.

Dallas high-net-worth divorce attorney, Mark Scroggins, reflects on his board certification in family law.

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