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You’ve heard I think I’m a puzzle solver. I like to talk to people and figure out why are they here now and what do they need and how can I put together a plan that they’re going to be comfortable with? One of the things that I use to measure my success I always try to think if they took this plan to another lawyer what would that lawyer say? Because I’ve looked at dozens if not hundreds of estate plans done by other lawyers and I’m always puzzled by why did they put this here and why did they do that? Because what we do is very difficult in the sense that there’s a whole lot of moving parts most of which we’re never going to use and we sort of are guessing as to which ones we’re going to use in some particular case 10, 15, or 20 years into the future and making sure that we’ve built a plan that can survive the test of time.

Phoenix, AZ estate planning attorney Mark A. Bregman talks about his passion for what he does.

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