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Meet Jennifer Howe

Jennifer Howe talks about volunteering in her community and why she became a lawyer.

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Our firm is really committed to community and bar leadership. I was early on in my planning career I was a member of the Illinois Bar Association Trust in the State Council for a couple of years. And then after that, I began to get more involved locally in our Lake County Bar Association and I was on the board for several years as a secretary. I’m currently the president of the Lake County Bar Association and am serving as president until June of next year. And I have been on our Lake County Bar Foundation board and I’m also on the board of directors of the Lake Forest and Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce as well. So a number of outside activities that I think are just as important as practicing law and also allow me to serve the community that we live in.

Well, I’ve always, my family will say I’ve always sort of been a meddler. I like to think of myself as a problem solver but I think that I was looking for a career where I was going to be able to actually help people and problem solve at the same time and really, practicing law has been exactly that for me.

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