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There’s no firm in Lake County that has the amount of experience under one roof in trust estate, guardianship litigation as we do.

We both do planning and we also litigate as well as administrator estates and trusts. And I think that gives us a better perspective, understanding of each different role. When we are looking at the draft or a will or a trust for a client we know how those clauses are supposed to work together and the tax impact are of those clauses.

When we go to court and we are in litigation with another attorney that other attorney typically is not also an estate planner. They’ve never seen a will or a trust before, the day before they might be doing a bus crash and the next day they may be doing a contract action. We, on the other hand, are always either planning or administering or litigating over a trust or a will, I believe this gives us a much greater perspective and ability than our competitors.

You’re hiring an entire collection of attorneys who do nothing but estate planning. And so we get a lot of interaction among our attorneys if we come across a new idea or a different idea that our client might not have thought about, we certainly cover the gamut with all of our attorneys who practice in this same area. We all do planning; we all do administration and litigation so you’re getting the whole wide range of estate planning services.

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