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What type of cases do you handle?

Minneapolis, MN litigation attorney Jesse Kibort talks about the types of cases he usually handles.

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So part of my practice deals with securities litigation and specifically defending brokers, financial advisors, from their firms and employment situations. When a broker wants to leave or advisor wants to leave their firm, they sometimes have outstanding debts and loans that a firm has given them, which prohibits them and restricts them from actually leaving freely. A nice piece of my practice is helping them get out of those loans and negotiate a very low release, if any, to allow them to freely find employment that they wanna go to or they wanna find and go to a different firm that they’re gonna be happy with.

Another piece of my practice is defending businesses from banks, maybe dealing with loans that are coming due and the bank is pressuring them to get new documentation over or threatening to pull the loan altogether. Part of my practice is helping that business owner – it could be a million-dollar business or a hundred-million-dollar business – but helping them negotiate with the bank, either getting out of that loan altogether or renegotiating the terms to help them stay in a loan that’s affordable for them.

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