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What Transaction Matters Do You Usually Handle?

Minneapolis, MN Transportation Law Attorney, Jason Engkjer, discusses transactional matters he handles for transportation clients.

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So transportation clients deal with a number of different and maybe unique-type matters starting with corporate organizational matters. Many clients or new clients will come to us and one of the initial conversations we’ll have with them is, “How is your company organized? How is it structured? Do you have a vertical approach where everything is owned under a single entity? Have you split up the entities into the differing operating areas, whether you’re a motor carrier or a broker or you’re an equipment-leasing company?” And then getting – delving into the actual internal structure itself. Your organization documents, your buy-sell agreements, things of that nature. Those are all, can to a certain extent be quite unique with transportation.

We also do a number – or we handle contracts and different types of contracts in the transportation industry. Motor carriers deal with shippers on a regular basis. And carrier-shipper contracts or broker-shipper contracts are a different type of animal. And you have to understand the nuances in the law both in statutory as well as in the common law to be able to negotiate and understand and talk intelligently about those contracts. Same thing applies with employees as well or in what is commonly termed in transportation laws, owner-operators. You have to understand the differences and distinctions and the different contracts and how to handle those matters.

And then if you think about it, as an industry itself, you have a variety of other transactional-type matters whether it’s dealing with real estate issues or business-succession issues or tax matters that go along with that as well. So we handle the wide range of transactional matters for transportational law – for transportation clients I should say. Some are very similar to just, I would say, regular client business issues, and some are quite unique in relation to the transportation industry.

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