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What type of services do you provide to non-profits?

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Nonprofit corporations are an interesting animal and so, in the one sense as an outside general counsel I’m going to do a lot of work for these nonprofits that I would do with almost any corporation. I may be working with them on their employee issues, on contracts, vendors, and leases, that sort of thing. But when they’re nonprofits, particularly if they’re tax exempt organizations you have to bring a little bit of a special expertise having to deal with Internal Revenue Service regulations that the nonprofit has to follow. I assist with their CPAs doing their annual informational returns called form 990. Depending on the nonprofit, I may be helping them with their charitable works putting together sweepstakes, maybe putting together scholarship programs. In some cases, they’re not charitable but they’re more advocacy organizations and still tax exempt so I might have to help them with various issues having to do maybe with political and federal election type filings and registrations and that sort of thing. It’s all of the same things that an outside general counsel of a corporation might do and then some.

Fairfax, VA estate planning attorney Christopher T. Craig talks about the general counsel services he provides to non-profits.

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