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Well I’m a people person and so, in my practice I do a lot of work with estates and trusts. I do a lot of work with corporations, small, mid-sized corporations. And by and large, what I’m dealing with is the actual individuals, the human beings that I’m meeting trying to help them solve their own problems. They bring issues to me from time to time whether it’s an estate planning problem, it could even be litigation or it could be working out a contract with employees or with employers depending who they might be. But the most rewarding piece of that is working with a potential client or with an actual client and helping them solve those problems. Not all the time they come out exactly perfectly the way the client would want but a lot of times we can help them work through even those issues as well.

Well, I came to law a little bit later. I was in my late 20s, early 30s when I graduated law school. I had been working in a lobbying firm for many years and that was my background. I was hired by a group of men here in northern Virginia that were a few older than I was. My senior partner, his name was Curt Herge, in an interview said I want to make you a lawyer, and in fact, that’s more or less, what these gentlemen did. They were great mentors. There was three of them and each one of them had very different personalities, in bringing their personalities to the law practice they also taught me how to be able to be flexible with clients, be able to place the client at the top of the list of things to deal with. The clients are always the most important and that was more or less their philosophy. And beyond that, they were very, very diligent, very, very attention to detail type folks, and you know, when you get that kind of mentoring that sets your career off on the right trajectory right from the beginning.

Fairfax, VA estate planning attorney Christopher T. Craig talks about the most rewarding aspect of his practice and how his mentors helped shape his career.

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