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Meet Jesse Kibort

Meet attorney Jesse Kibort.

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I think I’m a problem-solver by nature. I like to figure out solutions that may not be inside-the-box solutions, but help people figure out ways in hard situations, and that’s just kind of the way my mind words. There are lawyers who are very good at creative solutions, and I try to figure out creative solutions to problems that maybe people haven’t thought of.

Having a client at the end of the day who tells you, “Thank you,” because you’ve figured out a way to help them, whether it’s defending them for an economic savings, or getting them out of a problem spot where they avoid bankruptcy, or they get out of a situation with somebody who claims they owe them money, or recovers money for them.

When a broker wants to leave or advisor wants to leave their firm, they sometimes have outstanding debts and loans that a firm has given them, which prohibits them and restricts them from actually leaving freely. A nice piece of my practice is helping them get out of those loans and negotiate a very low release, if any.

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