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A Memorable Case

Minneapolis, MN litigation attorney Jesse Kibort talks about a specific case that stands out.

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A lot of my practice is based around banking and defending businesses and business owners from their banks and oppressive relationships dealing with promissory notes and collateral agreements, but over the past eight years I really got into defending homeowners, residential homeowners, from banks that would foreclose on them, maybe because they were experiencing a tough time in their life – lost a job – and it was really prevalent in the last – I would say eight, nine years, and I got into it because I volunteered for the Federal Bar Associations’ Pro Se Project, and I was able to not only help several homeowners for free, but able to send a message to the banks that you can’t just bowl over people when they’re experiencing financial hardship. We were able to help them save their house, and I believe they’re still in their house today, seven years later, because they’ve been able to get back on their feet and make payments that were modified, but payments that both the bank could accept and they could afford.

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