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Managing OSS

Minneapolis patent attorney Mark Stignani discusses managing OSS for corporations.

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As a corporation, you should set policy around utilization of open source software.  As I said, really of great economic benefit to use it, to the corporation.  The inside counsel and compliance group should come up with a list of acceptable open source that have non-locking licenses.  That have licenses under which terms that the organization can work under.

They should have an auditing and a management process where they list and catalogue the inventory of open source used in each product.  And then, they should also actively monitor and manage litigation, changes in the law around open source, and the new licenses that come out.  There are several hundred primary open source licenses, all of which probably will occur during the lifetime of the in-house counsel review of open source.  And then, many, many other ones that are variants.  So, they need an active contract management organization, as well, to manage those licenses.

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