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Assessing Executive Experience

Minneapolis patent attorney Mark Stignani explains how attorneys can assess executive experience when analyzing IP value.

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How do I assess executive experience? Executive experience is another qualitative measure. In many companies, when you are a new company or you have a company with an executive core of heavily industry experienced, you are gonna be much more easily convinced of the benefit of intellectual property. If you are a startup company that has relatively little executive experience, then what you have to do then is spend more time convincing those executives of the business usage of IP and not the instantaneous action that a deeply experienced executive would give you. Now, this is a qualitative measure that, you know, we do this, and we also do this in a sense of inventor density. Inventor density is a much different comparison, where you’re looking at the number of inventors you actually have in a corporation, the prolificacy of how many times they invent something, and essentially how many inventions are kind of coming out of the company in a year. So we look at executive experience as well as inventor experience, so it can be one or the other.

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