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Experience in Murder Cases

Chicago, IL criminal defense attorney Gal Pissetzky talks about his experience handling murder cases.

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I have a lot of experience handling murder cases. The first case that I have done, after I left the state’s attorney’s office, was a murder case, which developed a love, if I can call it a love, for these types of cases. I enjoy litigating murder cases. I think they are challenging. However, there is defenses to murder cases. Generally the offers from the state on a murder case are unreasonable. Because in Illinois you have to do a 100% of your sentence. The minimum is 20 years.

If you are charged with a murder and you committed it with shooting somebody, you have to tag on to that 20 years another 25 years which makes it a mandatory minimum of 45 years at 100%. If you are an individual and you are in your thirties, and you’re looking at 45 years, you’re probably not going to come out of prison, other than in a box.

And therefore, your only option is to fight the case and go to trial. And I am equipped here in my office to fight these type of cases. I have a team of attorneys that works for me. I have a team of private investigators that will go and uncover every witness that we need to uncover. We will not leave any stone unturned, and we will fight the case to the fullest.

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