Murder Attorney in Winona, Minnesota

Experience in Homicide Cases

Winona, MN Criminal Defense Attorney Richmond H. McCluer, Jr. discusses his experience in homicide cases.

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When I went to work as the chief trial lawyer for the public defender’s office that was kind of my beat is when the local public defender got a murder case, homicide case, other complex and serious cases they could call the district office and say I need help. And I was the help that was sent out to handle the case. So I had the great fortune of having a steady stream of serious cases constantly coming to me. And very challenging and I worked long, long hours traveling and trying cases. But for someone who really wants to be a trial lawyer and really feels the passion inside to do that work it was a tremendous opportunity. So I’ve handled dozens of homicide cases in the 11 county third district. I’ve probably handled homicides in seven or eight of those counties.

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