Meet the Personal Injury Lawyers Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why Would a Client Hire You?

Minneapolis Medical Malpractice and Civil Litigation Attorney, Kathleen Loucks, talks about what makes her best for the job.

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Well, first, because I’m aggressive.  Lawyers are required by our rules to be zealous advocates for our clients.  And I take that very seriously.  If I cannot represent a client and be a zealous advocate for them, I’m not gonna take the case.  And so that’s what I bring to the table is zealous advocacy for my clients.

But along with that, I care deeply about my clients.  Some lawyers will tell you that you should not have a personal relationship with your clients.  But I invest in my clients, and I invest in their stories, and I listen to them.  And I’m not afraid to kind of cross that line where my clients have suffered a devastating loss.  It’s important for me that I’m able to understand the emotion that’s involved, and I have to be able to go there and to take that on and be able to tell their story in a meaningful way.

I’m not afraid to do that.  Some lawyers don’t know how to do that.  I can.

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