Medical Malpractice Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Medical Malpractice – Recoverable Damages

Minneapolis Medical Malpractice and Civil Litigation Attorney, Kathleen Loucks, talks about the recoverable damages you can achieve in a medical malpractice case.

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Well, essentially, any damages that are attributed to the malpractice.  So, similar to in vaccine, you can recover past and future medical expenses, costs of rehabilitation, costs of modification to your home.  You can also recover past and future loss of earnings.  You can also recover pain and suffering damages.  What’s different from vaccine for medical malpractice is, for example, in the state of Minnesota, there’s no cap on pain and suffering.  So, you obviously are not limited to $250,000.00.  Other states are different.

You can also recover any costs you may have as well.  What’s different from medical malpractice is whatever recover you get, whether it’s settlement or trial, your attorneys’ fees are deducted from that.

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