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Mentors in the Practice: Who was a mentor to you in the practice of law and what did you learn from them?

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I was fortunate to have mentors who both did defense work and plaintiff practice. For the first 12 years of my practice of law, I worked at a defense law firm, and my mentor there was a man named Bill Jones, who is well-known in the Phoenix community and a preeminent defense lawyer. I learned an awful lot about trying cases from Bill Jones, and I learned an awful lot, as well, about plaintiff cases, surprisingly, because he helped me to understand how to value cases, how to approach cases, and also identified ethical minefields that you have to avoid to be a good and responsible lawyer. On the plaintiff side, I had the benefit of being the partner of Chuck Rausche for many years. Chuck was a former judge and one of the best trial lawyers I’ve ever seen. Chuck believed very strongly in preparation and in planning cases and changed the way that I practice law in a very good way and was also somebody who truly enjoyed the practice of law and helped me learn to enjoy the stresses and some of the terrible things that we have to see as lawyers doing what we’re doing, so finding joy in practicing law really is the lasting gift of Chuck Rausche.

Phoenix, AZ personal injury attorney Jeffrey B. Miller talks about the people that gave him strong advice and wisdom throughout his law career.

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