Meet the Personal Injury Lawyers Attorney in Manhattan Beach, California

Meet John Taylor

This brief introduction video features personal injury attorney John Taylor as he talks about his passion for practicing law.

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The passion that I’ve got and what drives me as a lawyer is helping people and giving a voice to lots of people, who don’t have the ability to either fight for themselves, fight for other members in their family, and it’s satisfying in doing that. It keeps me coming in every day to, you know, take a shot for somebody else.

The most rewarding part is interacting with the clients. Something bad’s happened to them or somebody in their family and they don’t know what to do and they come to us, and so to be able to sort of help them walk through this process, the litigation process, and at the end of the day get something that’s fair for them, that – the satisfaction is that the end that you were able to do something that really made a difference in how this particular incident impacted their lives.

The advice that I always tell people when they’ve come here is go ahead and live your life. We’re going to handle this aspect, the litigation, and trying to get something fair, get justice for you in the court system and what you should do is go ahead and live your life. Follow what the doctor tells you what to do, grieve if you’ve lost somebody in your family, get the support you need so you get better, and we will take this, the litigation process, the legal process with the court, off of your shoulders and off of your family’s back so that you can get whole, you can get better while we try and fix this in a legal standpoint.

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