Meet the Personal Injury Lawyers Attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Meet Eric H. Weitz

Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer Eric H. Weitz talks about his approach to the practice and his experience in medical malpractice.

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In my over 25 years of trying cases, especially in the medical malpractice arena, that if the attorney is not willing to go to trial to fight for their clients’ interests, then the resolutions are not going to be as good as they can for their clients. And early on spent many years learning how to try cases both formally, as well as in the court room, and since then my firm has had a philosophy from day one that if you’re going to accept your case, we’re going to prepare from that moment forward to take your case to trial.

Once the community on the other side, the hospitals, the lawyers, and people know that at least people are willing to understand that our clients’ claims are going to get the best representation that they can under the circumstances.

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