Meet the Personal Injury Lawyers Attorney in Torrance, California

Meet Andrew Pruitt

This short video features personal injury attorney Andrew Pruitt as he talks about his love for fighting to help his clients and why he practices law.

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For about ten years before I became an attorney I played poker for a living, and that’s actually helped in a lot of ways in the practice of law, but one of the most important ways is it helps me understand things from other peoples’ perspectives. You know, it’s not just enough to think you understand a situation, but when you’re negotiating with a defense attorney or when you’re talking to a jury, it’s critical to understand how that other person sees the same things you are seeing.

I love the work that we do. It’s hard and it can be intense, because you don’t just advocate for your clients. You really have to fight for them. You know, defense firms and insurance companies, they fight really hard to not take responsibility for what they’ve done, or to minimize and downplay the injuries they’ve inflicted on other people. So you really do have to fight for your clients, but that’s what drew me to this profession. I love the fight and I’m proud to do it every single day.

I became an attorney in 2014, and I was a Deputy Attorney General at the California Department of Justice prior to becoming a plaintiff’s attorney now. And so I spent my whole career advocating for people who have been the victims of abuse, or violent crimes, or who have been injured in some way or another.

One of the most rewarding parts of the work that we do is you get to see people through the process of one of the most difficult times in their lives. And obviously a part of that is getting the largest monetary recovery that we can for people, but really it’s about so much more than that and it’s incredibly rewarding to see somebody go through a difficult time, and then come out the other side ready to move forward with their lives.

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